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Tasche "Pepper" small Taschen - LOVELY nature GbR
Tasche "Pepper" small Taschen - LOVELY nature GbR
Tasche "Pepper" small Taschen - LOVELY nature GbR
Tasche "Pepper" small Taschen - LOVELY nature GbR
Tasche "Pepper" small Taschen - LOVELY nature GbR

Tasche "Pepper" small

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About us:
We design leather bags and accessories, creating since 2010.
Dutch design bags, made with love in India & Indonesie.
We wanted to make bags that are basic & fashionable, bags that underline your personality.
Bags that will turn even more beautiful while wearing, bags with character.

Chabo means “friend” that’s why we use our slogan, after all, you want to take your friend with you wherever you go!

We produce our bags in India & Indonesia, factories that are reliable partners, and are international certified ones.

Our leather:
Our bags are naked skin bags and the leather is vegetably tanned, no chemicals are used. You can see the structure of the skin and it’s marks sometimes. There’s no artificial protective layer on top of the bag, it’s only finished by applying oils or waxes by hand. This is why the bag changes color in time and will get more “alive” while wearing. This also means that little spots or small imperfections can be visible, we feel that it’s the charm of a real leather bag. All focus is placed on the natural beauty ad character of the leather used to craft our products.

We use two different leather lines, the cow leather and buff leather.
The buff bags are very soft and our cow bags have a more naturall look and feel.

Since our bags are “open structure” bags, the bags can sometimes give off some color in the beginning, like a new pair of jeans. You can spray your bag with a colourless protection spray, this will keep your bag safe form dirt & rain. You’ll have to reply this severall times so the bag is well protected.

Cleaning these bags:
Use a dry cloth to clean, if you want to give your bag a “new” fresh look, use very little moisturiser cream (oil free) on a cloth and rub it everywhere.
Leave the bag for overnight and then clean again with a dry cloth.
These leathers are naked skin bags so spots or scratches can not be removed.